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Following The Prime Ministers Announcement. WE ARE CLOSED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE

COVID-19 statement

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What to expect if you come to play here at Colmworth during these difficult times

We are aiming to stay open as long as we can in this current crises. We will however, be reducing the use of the clubhouse and keep everything as safe as possible you and our staff.

We are asking that if you are displaying symptoms or have anyone at home with symptoms to self isolate as the government require. We are asking the same of our staff too and we would appreciate your help regulating this.

If you are in the “vulnerable” category defined by the government, please stay at home! We care about you all and want you to stay safe. See guidelines HERE 

Please be aware that there is ALOT of fake news on the internet, follow guidance issued by the government, NHS or World Health Organisation and try not to fall victim to some of the fake news circulating.

We see that staying active, playing golf in the fresh air is still an essential service to help keep people’s morale up, this situation will continue for some weeks yet and we would like to stay positive, up beat and active, you can search many games on line in this site for stay active even from home.

We are looking to help the local community as well as our regular customers and will diversify our services to suit the need.

Checking in:

  • We have already made changes to the way you check-in as an almost “drive through” service through the windows of the cafe at the front. The clubhouse is strictly closed, with exception to use of the disabled toilet facilities.
  • We will be asking visitors to pay via phone before their round and to check in, one at a time to prevent over crowding in the hallway.
  • PLEASE don’t congregate in the hallway or car park – keep a safe distance from others at all times.
  • If you arrive too early for your teatime – please wait in you car until a max of 10 minutes before your tee slot before checking in.
  • Please keep an eye on our social media for more regular updates: Facebook or instagram


  • At the moment, refreshments can be purchased to take away – if you have a travel mug, please bring it with you – we’d still like to try and be as environmentally friendly as possible. We would prefer payment via card if possible please!
  • We are serving take away food, menu available HERE
  • We are also serving ready meals for you to heat up at home, menu HERE

Extra Measures:

  • Ensure you keep washing your hands with warm soapy water as often as you can
  • We ask you also to stay a safe 2m distance from anyone that is near by.
  • Whilst we are providing a quick drop in and check in service we ask that you do not congregate in the car park. One person at a time please and wait to one side until your turn.
  • Please leave the flag in the hole and maybe consider playing close to the hole to reduce you having to make contact with the hole. The greenkeepers have now turned the cups upside down to enable you to pick up your own ball without touching the flag or the cup.
  • Buggies are to be used by one person at a time to maintain the safe distance requirement.
  • Carry a water bottle of soapy water with you, so you can wash your hands whilst you’re out and about. See below about wearing gloves.

Do not trust the wearing of a glove/s to protect you from COVID-19 MUTUAL AID – UK

Advice against wearing gloves from an epidemiologist:


“Avoid wearing gloves while leafleting AND PLAYING GOLF!. The problem with gloves is that you cannot disinfect them as you go round as you can with hands. Evidence has shown that glove wearing leads to a false sense of security that hand hygiene is in tact, and what happens is that virus could potentially build up on the gloves as people go round. This is why the government advice to the public is frequent handwashing with soap, or sanitiser, and does not advise gloves.”


We are sad that you will loose some of the warmth and friendliness of the clubhouse over the coming weeks, but we will endeavour to keep you in the loop and updated via email and our social media channels to help keep you up beat.

Let’s find our way through this, safely, together.

Julie & Tilly