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Colmworth is one of 3 clubs chosen to be a Disability Hub in Bedfordshire

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Disability Hub Bedfordshire

It is early days with our status of being one of the 3 Disability Hubs in Bedfordshire. We obviously have a long way to go to be perfect but we are pushing forward now with various ways to make #Golf an all inclusive sport.

We have some great facilities awaiting everyone to come along and enjoy here at Colmworth.

  • Our Par 3 – Pitch ‘n’ Putt or Footgolf course is fantastic to get players enjoying the sport without any pressures. We offer special rates for groups from the disability sector too. If you are an organiser, please contact for more information.
  • Our main Golf Course – We have options to play 6 holes, 9 holes, 12 holes, 18 holes and of course an all day ticket too if you have the stamina! Players can choose to play from the Blue tee’s which offers a shorter game, if they feel the full distance is too much to cope with. Mondays, Tuesdays, Saturday’s and Sundays are our “quiet” afternoons between 12pm – 5pm. So whilst these times aren’t exclusively for disabled people, you shouldn’t feel under pressure or hassled to speed up. In addition, you can order one of The Coffee Cup’s packed lunches for just £5:50, encouraging you to stop off on one of the bench seats around the course and enjoy a picnic whilst listening to the birds singing. If anyone is behind you wanting to play through, simply wave them through with a hello and enjoy!
  • Our Coffee Shop – The Coffee Cup, is the main eating and refreshment area and where the green fees, bookings and everything gets done and is situated on the ground floor of the clubhouse.
  • Fishing – has easy access and all equipment can be dropped by the lakeside and special parking is permitted for Blue badge holders.
  • Cottages – 3 of our self-catering cottages have bathroom facilities and bedrooms on the ground floor.

If you are a disabled person, we would appreciate your opinions on how we can make our club easier for you to use so please feel free to email me at