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Outdoor Wedding Venue Part 3 – Plants and pretty things

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Outdoor Wedding Venue – Plants and Pretty Things

Following on from Part 2, Outdoor Wedding Venue – The Overflow here is Part 3.

Although there is a bit more structural work to get done, it felt important to start planting the area up, to allow the plants a chance to develop properly.

We have planted some gorgeous silver birch trees and surrounded them with a beautifully fragrant lavender and rosemary bed with Verbena Bonariensis and Russian Sage too. We’re so excited to see how it blossoms going into spring this year.

We have a hedge of Dogwood Elegantissima to frame the view and draw the eye to the main feature – the lake and the jetty. This will compliment the silver birches beautifully in the summer and the deep red of the stems in the winter will really set off the silver of the trunks.

And finally, the bank from the overflow unto the lower lawn has been planted with some lemon thyme and other alpines which smell sensational!

Next up: Part 4 – The Jetty