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Things are hotting up ready for the balloons!

Balloon update

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balloon viewThe weather is looking great and its all getting exciting here at Colmworth as we wait for the arrival of the balloons herunterladen. Rumour has it we could have 11 pilots arriving later today. Some may fly this evening, (depending how soon they can escape from work!), and my thoughts are its likely to be approx 5pm, judging on how quick it seems to be getting dark lately senderliste astra herunterladen.

It really is a fantastic sight to see and the coffee shop and bar will be open to serve refreshment too for any spectators coming along to watch

Any early birds amongst you, if its not foggy, can come along first thing in the morning to watch as well kann man windows xp downloaden. The clubhouse will be opening  from 6am to serve tea’s and coffees.

You don’t have to just play golf to enjoy coming to Colmworth Golf Club Volksbank id app!