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Circular Walk North Bedfordshire, 2.7 miles

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Circular Walk, 2.7 miles

We have a lovely 2.7 mile circular walk from our gorgeous Bedfordshire Cafe – The Coffee Cup at Colmworth Golf Course arte film downloaden. The Bedforshire Cafe is best place to stay when want to stay indoor and enjoy daisy slots while having coffee präteritum von herunterladen. We have copies of the instructions below, along with a print out of the route available from The Coffee Cup at the start point.

Start Address: Colmworth Golf Club, New Road, Colmworth, Bedfordshire, MK44 2AP herunterladen. Ample parking and refreshments.

  1. From the Clubhouse head towards the fishing lakes by the 18th fairway
  2. Fishing Lakes – look out for a small footbridge over the ditch toward the kissing gate on your left herunterladen.
  3. Through the kissing gate into the field belonging to Mr Morgan Jones – proceed diagonally across until you find another kissing gate. This field very often has sheep grazing so please ensure your dog is on a lead at this point herunterladen.
  4. Through the Gap the other side of the kissing gate you will come into the field called  Maisies Lay,(You are now on the land belonging to Mr Jack Pell).Head down the hill along the track to the bottom zeichnen app kostenlos downloaden.
  5. Turn right into the field called Pens Close until you reach a gravel track. Turn left and almost straight away you with find another gate into the lovely old meadows whatsapp auf ipad herunterladen.
  6. Please take care along these fields as the cattle may be lurking. If they are close by please let your dog off the lead until you pass them. Cattle are usually very inquisitive of dogs and may be drawn toward you herunterladen. I have walked and ridden through this farm for many years and have always found the  herd to be very placid. Just calmly continue walking past and they will be fine amazon prime series in English. On your right hand side you will find the brook running along in a beautiful natural state, providing masses of places for nature to live and feed.
  7. Further along you will reach Rectory Farm, belonging to Jack Pell paypal api zertifikat herunterladen. Jack has been involved with the Natural England scheme called Higher Stewardship and actually won the top award in 2012. Jack tells me that during the war, the chickens used to roost in the trees on the other side of the brook from the farmhouse and one night there was a bomb land close to the roost  “yet it didn’t kill a single chicken but they never roosted there again” He chuckled as he told me  hehe 🙂
  8. Just past the farm yard you will need to turn left and pass through what I call the tricky gate, (Please make sure it is shut properly). You will notice on your left side running along the hedgeline the land has been set with bird feed.
  9. Continue walking up the hill and note the field to your left over the hedge. This is called The Hospital Meadow and is where a close watchful eye was kept of any sick horses or animals  from the farmhouse.
  10. At the top of the hill turn sharp left,  along the top of the Hospital meadow,  then turn right. Follow the wide grass verge which is sown with pollinating grass that attracts bee’s, butterflies and other pollinating insects.
  11. Pass through the next field, which is called Whiskins. See if you can spot the oak tree that was planted by Jacks Dad, John, when he was in his early 20’s and had just acquired the farm. Also stop and take in the fantastic view!  I have to say this is one of my favourite views in North Bedfordshire
  12. Continue on through into the next field, where you will find yourself back at Maisies Lay. Travel back through the kissing gates and back by the fishing lakes to the clubhouse.
  13. Maybe it’s time now for a pint of beer or a nice cream tea?