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Dress Code & Local Rules

We welcome all golfers but ask them to keep to our very simple dress standards

To come along and Pay and Play we simply want you to come along and enjoy yourself and actually prefer Good Manners above flashy golf atire mortal kombat kostenlosen pc.

However, Please do not embarrass us by turning up in the following

•    Denim jeans.
•    Football shirts
•    Sports shorts or swim wear mit welche app kann ich musik herunterladen iphone.
•    Please Note *No sharing of golf clubs allowed*. (Clubs and Golf Bags can be hired from the clubhouse for just £7).

Local Rules

Out of bounds (rule 27 applies)
Out of bounds are indicated by white posts photo grid herunterladen. A ball is out of bounds if it is lying:

  1. Beyond any wall or fence bounding the course.
  2. Beyond any line of white stakes or stones bounding the course or roadways rossmann fotowelt software herunterladen.
  3. To the left of the marker posts between 6th and 7th holes when playing the 7th,(the marker posts are immovable obstructions when playing 7th) dialogen downloaden.
  4. Within driving range.

A ball coming to rest within one club length of a staked tree on the course must be lifted by establishing a nearest point of relief, (not nearer the hole), to prevent the club coming in contact with the tree assuming a full back and forward swing kann man bei amazon prime music downloaden. The ball may then be dropped within one club length, (not nearer the hole), without penalty, (rule 24.4 applies).

Ground under repair.
A ball lying in ground under repair must be lifted and dropped at the nearest point of relief,(not nearer the hole), without penalty, (rule 24.2 applies) microsoft office 2007 download kostenlos vollversion. Ground under repair is indicated:

  1. By blue posts.
  2. Ground disturbed by new or existing drains.
  3. Ground associated with new construction treiber herunterladen.
  4. Shell paths or roads.
  5. Vehicular tyre rut’s are also treated as ground under repair.

A ball lying on a putting green/teeing area, other than that of the hole being played must be lifted and dropped either side of the green/teeing area and not nearer the hole, without penalty epic games fortnite for free.

Penalty for breach of local rule
Match Play – Loss of hole: Stroke Play 2 strokes