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The Jetty

The Jetty, Colmworth

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Who are we aangifteprogramma 2012? Well, I’m Tilly (right) – partner (with my Mum – Julie), of Colmworth golf course, not your average golf course, but that’s for another time komplette serien herunterladen.
3.5 years ago, I dreamt of getting married on my favourite lake and the idea of The Jetty was born macbook apps herunterladen.

My incredible fiancé, Dan, (left) who can put his hand to pretty much anything was up for the challenge and so we made it happen. An overgrown wasteland – used just for storing bricks and brambles slowly evolved into a truly stunning landscape.

With a lot of hard work, blood, sweat but no tears – over weekends in our spare time we transformed it and made it the magical space it so deserved to be.

I should add, the dogs – Teilo (right) and Harry (left) we’re invaluable members of the team!

Due to covid, we had to postpone our day for another in 2021, but are now keen to share this beautiful venue with other couples who can picture their special day here too 🥰

Brand new jetty wedding venue in North Bedfordshire – the perfect blank canvas lakeside wedding venue.

A truly stunning rural space to create your own unique venue. We won’t hold you to suppliers – we just supply the venue and the rest is over to you!

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