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Open Top Bus Tour Cambridge

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A day out in Cambridge – Open top bus tour

Living here in Colmworth, we often take the tourist trips out in the area very much for granted itunes downloaden op mac. However yesterday, Tilly, myself and a friend decided to take some time out and go to Cambridge to do the open top bus tour.

A summary

  • 30 minute drive from us to Madingly Park & Ride (free parking)
  • The Cambridge Hop-On Hop-Off tour allows you to explore the many highlights of Cambridge at your own pace minecraft lucky block kostenlos herunterladen.
  • Buses depart between 10:10am and 5:10pm (Summer) and 3:40pm (Winter)
    Frequency: 20 mins (Summer) and 40 mins (Winter)
    Full loop: 80 minutes
  • Get on and off as you please to visit each destination
  • Your hop-on, hop-off ticket also includes discounted entry into The Round Church, one of the oldest buildings in Cambridge and one of only four medieval round churches in England herunterladen.
  • Your ticket is valid for 24 hours from the time you first board the bus.

Our day on the Open top bus

What a fabulous day we had rennspieleen! We set off at 9.30am and sailed through to Madingley Park & Ride and were there within 30 minutes. We parked the car and asked at the bus shelter where and when the open top bus would arrive herunterladen. A very friendly chap advised us that we needed to follow the path onto the main road and turn right to find the bus stop. Once the Open Bus’s start in the morning around 10.10am, they continue every 20 minutes herunterladen.

We decided to  catch the bus on the same side as the car park and actually saw it heading off towards the American Cemetery but we only needed to wait another 10 minute before it came back round and picked us up ecosia herunterladen. Being the first ones on the bus, we managed to get prime seats right at the front and plugged our ear phones in to listen to the guided tour.

Not being very hot on historic information, much of the facts went a little over my head if I am honest, but I did learn a few trivial facts such as how the size of a goal post was determined and how a bunch of young students had decided to dismantle the mathematical bridge one night following a bet in the pub, and then found they couldn’t fit it back together again wbs antrag berlin herunterladen! It was also lovely to see the views and the amazing architecture from the top of the double-decker bus 🙂

During the tour, you can hop on or hop off at any point of the and even get additional discounts if you decide to do a trip along the backs of the colleges in a punt herunterladen. We decided to stop off and have lunch and spend some time in the University Botanical Garden. This was just the perfect place to spend time in the sunshine and explore the gardens and gathering ideas for planting and landscaping our latest project for the golf course herunterladen. We had a lovely lunch and bought a few plants and goodies from the shop before catching the open top bus to head back home.

We all agreed that the best part about sight-seeing in Cambridge, was the fact we didn’t feel compelled to try to cram too much in the day. After all, we can so easily pop out another day and decide to hop off the bus at a different point another time.

Arriving back home in Colmworth around 4pm in time to walk the dogs and get some tea all seemed so civilized, we will definitely be going again.

For more info on this excursion please see the link below:

Open top bus tour Cambridge