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People & Planet Friendly

We care for this planet and adore our Great British countryside so we are doing our best to be as green as possible in every aspect of our businesses herunterladen.


We love our wildlife here, and for that reason we leave many areas of the course un-touched top go wild and create the perfect habitat for our wildlife herunterladen.

We also use organic feed and treatment on the golf course itself, this serves to feed the bacteria and bugs in the ground making our soil healthier reradiating the need for chemicals viber kostenlos.

We even have 4 bee hives – producing fabulous Colmworth honey.

Every year we plant new trees and plants creating more natural habitat for our wildlife.


We love, love, love to use local suppliers!

We use local farm – Knott’s of Tempsford for their meat and a local veg provider Folbiggs for our veg.

But we go further, we use local businesses for our stationary (Springfield office supplies), local designer/print (Creative Workshop) – in fact there are so many I can’t list them all! But put it this way, if we ever need external help – we look local first!

Local chainsaw artist – Ian Freemantle created our beautiful wedding shelter, lakeside bench & carving!

Even all of our staff are local – 3 even live in Colmworth!

Reclaimed Materials

Almost everything we build is created with reclaimed materials – we love to utilise materials we already have rather than buy new. It’s why we have reclaimed york stone steps at the wedding venue and old railway sleeper retaining walls.

But our love for reclaim goes back further than this. All the buildings were created from reclaimed bricks, windows & floorboards – it’s why they have so much character and look older than they actually are! The tables in our function rooms are massive reclaimed doors with huge old stair spindles for legs!


The whole complex here at Colmworth is heated with renewable energy – we have a wood chip boiler that supplies all of our heat year round!


Not only do we ask all golfers and cottage guests to utilise our recycling facilities, we also only serve takeaway goods in biodegradable packaging – OK, so we would much rather this was re-usable packaging, but Covid-19 put a temporary stop to that!

We do have our super snazzy Colmworth snoods to couple as re-usable face coverings, bamboo tees for golfers (we don’t sell plastic ones anymore) and also our Colmworth re-usable drinks bottles!

We are always looking for new ways to protect our planet.