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Pilates at Colmworth

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We are lucky enough to have 2 fabulous Pilates instructors here at Colmworth; Johanna (Mondays) & Sally (Thursdays).

Johanna Debnam – APPI Teacher / BSc (Hons) Physiotherapy

Mondays at Colmworth Golf Club

Rehab Pilates improves: Core stability, flexibility, pain, overall strength, balance, posture, relaxation, body awareness, stress management and prevention of injury. / 07753 418170

My story:

I worked as a Physiotherapist in the NHS for 13 years however I had increasing pain in my hands, wrists and spine from having hypermobile joints (and now Osteoarthritis) and also from working as a Physiotherapist herunterladen. Therefore I trained with APPI (Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute) in Rehab Pilates as a change of career but also doing Rehab Pilates has significantly reduced the joint and muscle pain I used to experience!

What is Rehab Pilates?

Restoration Pilates, led by Johanna Debnam, teaches Rehab Pilates which was designed by Physiotherapist’s in APPI and is led by physiotherapy trained Pilates Teachers, therefore providing a rehabilitative approach video aus safari downloaden. This comprises working on your central core stability as the primary foundation for control of all other movements which APPI designed in clearly defined levels to ensure gradual standardised progression towards normal functional movement. Increasing core stability means improved pelvic stability and spinal segmental stabilisation; this is based on scientific evidence from Erasmus University and the University of Queensland in Australia outlook bilder herunterladen geht nicht.

How is Restoration Pilates structured?

I assess each person for an hour which includes a medical, physical/ postural assessment, teaching them how to engage their inner core correctly with anatomical explanations, other key elements for Rehab Pilates and also home exercises to practice.
Clients can then access Rehab Pilates courses which are all small classes for increased individual input. I modify or progress exercises as required for each person if and when appropriate wie kann ich mir eine neue android version herunterladen. I offer 1:1 sessions for individualised sessions. I’m also trained in Hypermobility, Scoliosis, Ante-Natal & Post-Natal and Kids/Teens Rehab Pilates. Those with Fibromyalgia, CFS/ME and chronic pain are also welcome.

What is APPI?

APPI are a world leader in Rehab Pilates herunterladen. Many years ago the 2 APPI co-founders who are Physiotherapists took the 34 original Pilates exercises and created a clinical rehabilitation approach. This included modifying the original exercises to ensure they could be used safely and appropriately for everyone including those with pathology.


Sally Marsh 

Thursdays at Colmworth Golf Club

Sally Marsh runs her own business delivering small, client-focussed classes and private fitness sessions tatorten. She has been teaching Pilates for over 8 years and is passionate about ensuring that every single one of her clients both enjoy her classes and get the most from them.

We are delighted to welcome Sally to the club where she will be bringing her expertise and enthusiasm every Thursday afternoon at 1.45 pm treiber canon mx310 kostenlos.

Pilates for Everyone

Sally keeps her classes to a maximum of 8 people to ensure she can give the guidance and assistance each person requires to achieve the most benefit. You will never feel left out of left behind. 

Pilates with a dedicated instructor is great exercise for, accessible and fun for everyone regardless of age or gender herunterladen. Pilates is just as good for men as women, building core strength and improving flexibility: Sally will modify or adjust exercises according to your ability: if you want more challenge, that can be added. If an injury means an exercise needs to be adjusted or avoided that can be accommodated within the normal running of the class.  

Pilates for Golf

Pilates has been proven to improve results in a number of different sports with top sports men and women using it as part of their fitness routine herunterladen. England’s rugby and cricket teams have previously confirmed that Pilates is part of their training schedule. 

Sally’s classes will be varied,  but  Sally also intends to  introduce  specific exercises to stretch and strengthen the key muscles used for golf. Not a golfer? Or know someone who wants to attend but doesn’t play golf? That’s not a problem, you/they will still get to enjoy the class.   

Reserve your place

Call, Text or email Sally to book your initial consultation and reserve your mat in the class herunterladen. Book by then end of Feb and get £5 off your consultation. / 07765 240354