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Why is February a good time to join?

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Yes, February is a great time to join our club!

Here at Colmworth, we allow full annual memberships to begin at any time of the year.

“so why join mid winter?”

I hear you ask

Because our annual price review is due on 1st April – that’s why ms office 2010 download kostenlos vollversion deutsch!

If you have been contemplating joining Colmworth, we can assure you that it makes perfect sense to take out one of our 1 month Trials during February so you get the opportunity to roll it over to a full annual membership of your choice before the price increase landser kostenlosen.

So here’s the deal:

  • Take a Trial membership before the end of February – (just £80) herunterladen. If you decide you like us and would like to continue your membership into an annual one, before the month is finished – we will deduct £50 from which ever membership category you choose herunterladen.
  • Providing your annual membership commences before the end of March 2020 you will secure 12 months membership at our 2019 prices!

The course, in spite of the dreadful weather is still playing on all 18 greens and also grass tees herunterladen! Everyone is coming in and saying how amazing it is playing.

12 months membership really does mean 12 months as we very rarely have to close and if we do it is probably so bad outside that you might actually prefer to stay indoors 😉